"Fields Stirring with Life - an educational campaign for protecting the biodiversity in the agricultural landscape" is an educational project aimed at increasing social awareness of natural value of farmlands in Poland and to promote activities that will help preserve it.


In order to achieve that we want to emphasize the role of nature in home farmlands against other European countries, its intangible and economic value, to show its beauty and diversity; to interest the audience in the biology and ecology of farmland species; to show which elements of landscape and ways of cultivation help preserve it.


The target group of the project are the inhabitants of Eastern Poland farmlands, mainly school-aged youth and farmers from the following provinces (voivodships): Mazovian, Warmia-Masuria, Podlasie, Świętokrzyskie and Lubuskie.

We are planning to promote the competence among farmland inhabitants mainly through our activities completed by the so called Local Animators in individual districts. The project will include educational leaflets, an educational package for teachers and a nature film. The animators will take part in local fairs and organize original events, film shows, conduct sample classes using the above materials and thus, they will promote knowledge about the farmland nature and ways to preserve it in local communities. We are also planning to organize activities aimed at a wider audience by obtaining media patronage in regional newspapers, showing the nature film on beautiful farmland nature on the regional TV, presenting the exhibition of professional nature pictures, organizing willow topping events.